Advanced Wound Dressings - Capital Foot and Ankle
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Advanced Wound Dressings

Dressings are an important part of wound healing. In years past, every wound was dressed with gauze.  Unfortunately, science has proven that gauze will actually slow wound healing!  There are now numerous advanced wound dressings available.

Wound dressings should:

– manage moisture

– protect the wound

– maintain a healthy temperature

– provide barrier to bacteria

Selecting the appropriate dressing takes knowledge and experience.  Each wound will require a different dressing.  Also, as a wound heals, it will require different dressings.  Be sure that your wound doctor knows just what your wound needs.  Our experts at The Amputation Prevention Center do!

*** Did You Know? ***

Many of these advanced wound dressings are covered by insurance companies!  The Amputation Prevention Center at Capital Foot and Ankle work with several third party companies in order to get your dressings covered! Most times, they will be shipped directly to your door!

Check out some of the advanced dressings we use at Capital Foot and Ankle