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Floating Metatarsal Osteotomy

Floating Metatarsal Osteotomy

Forefoot ulcers are a chronic problem and have significant morbidity. One out of every 5 foot ulcers results in a leg amputation. With that said, it is so important to get wounds to heal quickly and prevent them from coming back.

The statics show that even when we are successful at healing a foot ulcer, 81% of the time they come right back in the first two years!

If only there were a simple way to keep these wounds healed… well, there is! It is called the floating metatarsal osteotomy! This is a simple, 2-minute surgical procedure that will elevate the metatarsal head to reduce pressure on the skin. In the photo, you can see where we cut through the bone. This allows the end of the bone to lift up when it is stepped on, decreasing pressure on the skin.

After surgery, patients need to wear a walking boot for 3-4 weeks. After the incision and the wound are healed, patients will transition back to diabetic shoes and will not have to worry about the ulcer returning.

Check out the link below to watch a video on the procedure.

For this and other advanced options for wound healing, visit us at Capital Foot and Ankle!