In-House Orthotics Lab - Capital Foot and Ankle
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In-House Orthotics Lab

Our in-house orthotics lab allows us to provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive biomechanical care of the foot and ankle.

All orthotics are manufactured on site by  our certified pedorthist, Terry Troxel. Terry has over 21 years of orthotic fabrication experience.

Using more than 25 different materials, from carbon fiber to polyethylene and co-polymers to multidensity heat moldable EVA’s, we are able to produce varying styles of orthotics. These can range from rigid to semi-flexible devices, to truly accommodative devices. This enables us to customize the orthotic style and materials to best address our patient’s needs and foot type. The lab enables a quicker turnaround time for the orthotics and allows us to do while-you-wait adjustments and repairs.

We are also equipped to do all major shoe modifications and shoe repair. Our expertise allows for customization of the orthotics with shoegear for optimal performance.