Payment Policy - Capital Foot and Ankle
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Payment Policy

Payment Policy

At Capital Foot & Ankle, payment is due when services are provided. In order to do this as accurately as possible, we will ask for your insurance policy information and contact the insurance company prior to your scheduled appointment to check for the most current copayment and deductible status.  After obtaining this information, our staff will contact you and give our best estimate of services and what payment will be due at the end of your appointment.  As stated, this is an estimate for your visit based on information given to us regarding your condition – charges will vary depending upon your doctor’s evaluation, diagnosis and treatment plan.  We accept cash, checks, VISA, MasterCard, Discover and Care Credit.  Charges will be submitted to your insurance company, however we cannot guarantee what charges will or will not be covered.  Although you may have coverage for the date of your appointment, your insurance may choose to deny your claim if they do not have the most updated information from you.  Verifying that your insurance company has received updated demographic information, other/secondary insurance information, correct name spellings, and correct dates of birth will facilitate prompt payments.  We rely on you to provide us with all insurance information:  primary and secondary, new ID numbers, new employers, and all subscriber information.  Should there be an overpayment from you, Capital Foot & Ankle will apply it to any unpaid balances if applicable or reimburse after discharge from care.

For more information on the financial policy of Capital Foot & Ankle, click here.

Please contact us with any further questions.

Custom Orthotic Payment Policy

A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 is due on the date of casting.  If requested, orthotic charges will be billed to your insurance, but we cannot guarantee these charges will be covered.  Any remaining balance on your orthotics is due within 4 weeks of casting or at the time they are dispensed, whichever date occurs sooner.  Should payment be received from your insurance company resulting in a credit on your orthotics claim, a refund will be issued provided your account is in good standing (overpayments will first be applied to any unpaid balances that are due from you prior to refund being given).

The total balance of the orthotics includes two follow up visits; the dispensing of the orthotics/shoes, and a four week follow up to make sure orthotics are fitting properly.