Wound Treatments - Capital Foot and Ankle
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Wound Treatments

Sometimes, wound treatment just means good wound care.  However, most times, it means more.  It is important to treat the cause of the wound, not just the wound itself.  Our experts provide treatment for many of the underlying causes of delayed healing including pressure reduction, deformity correction, or the treatment of swelling, and partner with many local specialists in order to treat underlying problems like circulation or vein issues.  Below is a list of the most common causes of delayed wound healing.


When wounds are caused by pressure, it is important to find ways to decrease the pressure so the wound can heal.


It is important to rule out any infection, including skin and bone to get wounds healed.


In order for a wound to heal fast, it needs good blood flow.


If your leg is swollen, it is important to treat the swelling so the wound can heal.

Charcot Foot

Unfortunately, no website dedicated to wound treatment would be complete without mention of Charcot foot.  This is a debilitating disease that most often causes long term disability and will significantly increase risk for amputation.

Our experts at Capital Foot and Ankle specialize in the treatment of Charcot Foot, armed with the most current conservative and surgical treatment options. Dr. Wienke is one of the country’s leading experts on Charcot, often traveling the country sharing his expertise with other physicians.

Don’t let just anyone treat you or a loved one with Charcot.  Come and see our experts today!

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